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Local Projects

A Pattern / Marshall Lifestyle Center
1674 S Odell Ave,
 Marshall, MO 65340
(660) 886-9852


A Pattern is a lifestyle change program based on the pattern or "blueprint" given in the Bible and the Spirit of Prophecy.  The goal of Dr. Scott Grivas, director of "A Pattern", is to combine a Clinical, Spa and Lifestyle setting into one complete package called "Trinity". Instead of merely treating signs and symptoms, "A Pattern" lifestyle clinic has developed a uniquely different and new approach: A plan based on lifetime healing.

We Have This Hope Christian Radiowww.wehavethishoperadio.com  
PO Box 481 Park Rapids, MN 56470 Park Rapids, MN 56470 United States
218 237 4673
Administrative Officer: Vern E. Erickson
Request: up to $43,500 (total budget $93,450)


Use: We Have This Hope Christian Radio need to move the radio station from Warroad, MN South of Roseau, MN. According to FCC regulations this must be done in two moves so, that makes the project more expensive. We always intended to have the station located closer to some larger cities, but because of the FCC time deadline we temporarily located the station at Warroad. The station is capable of broadcasting at 45,000 watts no it airs at a low frequency range. By moving the station many more people will be able to hear the good news of Jesus airing.

The Hope of Survivors - www.thehopeofsurvivors.com  
607 Jefferson Street Bedford IA 50833 United States
Administrative Officer: Samantha Nelson
Request: $5,000 (total budget $20,000)


Use: Funds will be used to complete the renovations on the Renewal Center so victims of abuse will be able to experience a private and safe time of healing while here. Renovations to be completed include the following: (1) Adding a bathroom to one of the guest rooms. (2) Installing a concrete curb for drainage to prevent rainwater from flowing into the lower level basement. (3) Minor maintenance and repairs to existing facility.


ASI Youth For Jesus - www.asiministries.org/youth-for-jesus

12501 Old Columbia Pike, Silver Spring MD 20904
Administrative Officer: Leasa Hodges
Request: $2,100

Use: There are applicants from the Mid America Union who are asking for scholarships. Youth for Jesus program has in the past been able to provide assistance through the chapter offerings for this purpose.