ASIMA Funding Application

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Adventist-Laymen’s Services and Industries

Application Information

Due by March 15, 2018


This form is for ASI member ministries within the Mid-America Union to apply for Special Projects Funding.  You are invited to apply, however application is no guarantee of funding. 


  1. You must have been in successful operation for at least one full year.
  2. You must have a non-profit notification 501(c)3 or comparable document.
  3. Your employees should be working for sacrificial remuneration.
  4. The Board of Directors are not primarily family members.
  5. For consideration, please submit the application to the Mid America Union ASI office by the due date above.
    Applications are considered at a Mid America Union ASI Executive Board meeting.

I. Basic Demographics

Address 1

Address 2



Postal code



II. Financial Status

Total budget for the last three years:

B. Financial Plan

1. List all donations of $100 or more for the last three years:

2. List outstanding debts of $60 days or more:

3. Budget:

III. Use of Funds:

Give a detailed account of how you intend to use these funds:

IV. Describe your ability to budget your present operation from regular income:

V. Additional Funding

If this special project requires more than ASI funding, how do you propose to raise it?

VI. Background

Describe the organization’s background (years of operation, sources of income, etc.)

VII. Board of Directors

(Name and Business)

VIII.  Future

IX. Community:

Additionally, please email the following to:

  • A Complete budget of the project.
  • The list of governing board members, addresses and occupations.
  • Copy of Federal Tax-exemption certification 501(c)3 or comparable document.
  • Your most recent financial statement.
  • Photos of project (ie: clinic, truck, people, project, schools, etc.)