Offering Appeal Requests
ASI MidAmerica Convention - April 2017

Black Hills Health and Education Center
Request $5000

We plan to purchase two machines, for health screening in various locations, such as local events, churches, and community health classes. We can also use them in the live-in Lifestyle program. One machine tests for cholesterol and other lipids, which are valuable in screening for risk of heart disease; the other machine tests for hemoglobin A1C, which tells what the average blood glucose has been for the past 2-3 months. This is a useful test in determining if a non-fasting person is in the normal, pre-diabetic, or diabetic range. This gives us the opportunity to suggest lifestyle changes that will decrease their risk of, or potentially reverse these diseases. This has the potential for additional income by charging a small fee for the tests, as well as making people aware of what we offer in the area of health.

Request $4000

Our Kansas City 3ABN TV channel 39.2 got on the air in March 2015. We have had some downtime but are still managing by God's grace. However it is a struggle and this funding would enable us to recover from our startup costs. The HeReturns staff is paying for the channel (because the Lord told us to) and this funding assistance would be a great blessing.

Seedtime and Harvest
Request $2500

Purchase of radio time - $2000.00.  This would be to air S&H 60 second spots for one year and involve a local church(s) to share the cost with matching funds. This reaches out to their local community and we can work with the station to give PR for the church as a sponsor. It will also give us the opportunity to promote the S&H website. County Fairs - $500.00 Booth and parade fees, giveaway materials (pamphlets, Desire of Ages, Happiness Digest, Christ's Object Lessons). Total - $2500.00

Eden Valley Institute
Request $5000

Our lifestyle guest rooms are in great of renovations. New window treatments, bathroom furnishings, and in some cases, "new" furniture. Second usage will be for a gym. The space currently being used as a gym is in the process of being renovated as a dining room for the lifestyle guests. There is a storage room, which we would like to renovate to use as a gym. But it will take structural changes, new floor, walls, painting,  new doors.

Revelation of Hope
Request $3000

We are a radio program that broadcasts 10 times per week in the Kansas City, Missouri area and 5 times per week in Mobile, Alabama. Our proposal is a series of broadcast programs on the Old Testament Sanctuary Service.  We will go into detail on the types and shadows and what it all means.  Darrin Donahue is the speaker of the radio program.  But we will bring in other speakers to assist with this project.  We estimate that there will be at least 50 radio programs, each 30 minutes in length.

We Have This Hope Christian Radio
Request $5000

We need transmission lines for the Radio signal and to hang the antenna and complete construction. It has to be finished and broadcasting by July 1, 2017 or else we will lose the frequency.


By God's grace, the offering appeal was successful! Amen!