ASI Mid-America 2017 Rally - Denver

April 8th

The ASI Mid-America Rally was held at the Denver South SDA Church, Denver, Colorado, on Sabbath, April 8, 2017.  The theme of the event was “Before It’s Too Late” based on John 9:4 which states, “I must work the works of Him who sent Me while it is day; the night is coming when no one can work.”  Our guest speaker was John Davidson, President of Eden Valley Institute.  His message was based on Matthew 13:44 & 45 which described the Kingdom of Heaven like a treasure hidden in a field and also like a fine pearl of great value.  There were two separate worship services with a Sabbath School Program conducted between them.  Carol Macomber, a church member, gave a short overview of the Sabbath School Lesson on 1 Peter Chapter 1. 

We were blessed with special music from Karen Phillips, ASIMA VP of Marketing, Anthony Manueke & Friends (Piano & Chorus), Kenny Orr (Violin) & Jerry Lange (Piano), and Frank Reste (Violin). 

There were several Members in Action spots.  John Davidson highlighted the various activities at Eden Valley such as their Lifestyle Program, Medical Missionary Program, and their farming and community outreach.  Barbara Taylor, ASIMA President, told us about the ASI Evangelism with the New Beginnings DVDs.  She also presented information on Glow Tracts and Storyboard ministry outreach.   Mark Cromwell, ASIMA General VP, shared with us the history of Adventist United – Kansas City.  And John & Karen Phillips, ASIMA VPs, presented their HeReturns ministry which includes multi-media, publishing, health, and music ministry outreach programs.

After a fellowship potluck, Mark Cromwell, ASIMA General VP and President of Adventist United - KC, presented a seminar on how Jesus instructed his disciples and how the Spirit of Prophecy instructs us in detail how to be effective missionaries in these end times.  The presentations were entitled, “The Instructions We Are Missing,” and “The Power of the Holy Spirit.”  He encouraged the local members to take this information and share it with the other Denver church in hopes of forming an Adventist United – Denver.

We praise God for his blessings on this event.  It is always wonderful to meet together to praise the Lord, fellowship together with the saints, and share how He is working in the various ministries in ASIMA and across the globe.


John Davidson is President of Eden Valley Institute in Loveland CO

Mark Cromwell is Executive Vice-President of ASI MidAmerica and President of Adventist United