ASI Mid-America 2017 Convention

April 27th - 30th in Denver

Please see the 2017-07 Newsletter for a convention report (Newsletters menu).

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John Bradshaw's experience makes him uniquely suited for the role of speaker/director at It Is Written. His broadcasting career began in his home country of New Zealand, where he worked as a disc jockey on a number of the nation’s top radio stations. He left this job in 1990—propelled by a desire to find Bible-based truth and a deeper Christian experience.

John met his soon-to-be-wife, Melissa, at church, and after their wedding, he began working as a full-time public evangelist. After 12 years, the family—which now included son Jacob and daughter Shannon—decided to put down roots. In the years that followed, John served as pastor of the Lexington, Kentucky, Seventh-day Adventist Church, as well as the Village Church near Walla Walla University in Washington.

In his nearly two decades of ministry, John has held more than 80 evangelistic series. For him, nothing matches the joy of introducing others to Christ. "Jesus offers complete transformation," he said. "There's something incredible that happens when His presence consumes a person's life. I love that It Is Written communicates this around the world on a daily basis."

Neal Nedley is a Physician in Internal Medicine with an emphasis in Gastroenterology, Mental Health, Lifestyle Medicine, and the difficult-to-diagnose patient.  He did his undergraduate studies at Andrews University in Michigan, majoring in Biochemistry.  He graduated from medical school in 1986 with a Doctor of Medicine (M.D.) degree from Loma Linda University in California, ranking in the top 10 percent of his class.  He completed his residency in Internal Medicine at Kettering Medical Center at Wright State University in Ohio in 1989, and in the same year he became certified by the American Board of Internal Medicine.  He is owner of the Nedley Clinic in Ardmore, Oklahoma, an internal medicine practice, and is also President of Ardmore Gastroenterology Management.  He recently co-authored two peer reviewed studies: one detailing a groundbreaking approach to depression identification and the other regarding decreased usage of benzodiazepines through lifestyle based depression recovery.

Jesse Johnson is General Manager of It Is Written, joining Speaker/Director John Bradshaw and Treasurer Charles Reel to form the ministry’s administrative team. Jesse is also It Is Written’s current I.T. Director. Dr. Johnson, who holds several masters and doctorate degrees in business, education, and technology, is a businessman and entrepreneur with extensive experience in ministry leadership. He has worked with many local conferences helping them innovate their technology departments as well as the General Conference.  He has also been the President of ASI Mid-America.  Jesse is married to Nema, and they have four children -- three daughters and one son, ranging in ages from 13 to 22 years-old.

Gary Thurber joined the ministry team of the Mid-America Union Conference in Lincoln, Nebraska on September 1, 2015 and serves as president.  Prior to coming to MAUC, he was executive secretary of the Lake Union Conference. 
Ordained in 1987, Thurber has served as a teacher, pastor, director of Youth, Camp and Family ministries, assistant to conference president, conference president, and Union executive secretary.  Elder Thurber completed his bachelor's degree at Southern Adventist University, and earned his master’s degree in religion at Andrews University.  Gary is married to the former Diane Wynn.